Learn About Our Breakthrough Treatment for Infants & Children Suffering From Tongue-tie

It can be scary considering a medical procedure for your infant or child. But, if they have tongue-tie, our innovative approach using topical gel anesthetic and the Waterlase® laser makes it quick and pain-free.

At Garden Oaks Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Denton, Texas, we specialize in providing general and cosmetic dental care in a comfortable, relaxing environment. Our talented dental team uses the most advanced solutions to help with a wide variety of dental issues and conditions. 

Recognizing the signs of tongue-tie

Between 4-11% of babies are born with tongue-tie. This issue occurs when a band of tissue connects the tip of the tongue to the floor of their mouth, impacting normal function. Without treatment, tongue-tie can affect your child’s oral health, speech, and nutrition.

Common signs of tongue-tie might include:

Having tongue-tie can also cause speech impediments, enlarged adenoids and tonsils, and even issues like chronic ear infections, headaches, neck pain, and sleep disorders.

Treating tongue-tie

Fortunately, we offer a quick and simple solution that can correct tongue-tie immediately. We perform this procedure during a routine office visit using the Waterlase laser.

The Waterlase laser is a cutting-edge and award-winning dental system that relies on laser energy and water. This method enables us to perform a wide range of dental treatments without the need for shots or drills, which provides a more gentle experience and comfortable healing.

During your child’s appointment, we apply a topical gel anesthetic to the tissue holding the tongue to the floor of their mouth. Then, we use the laser to release this connection. While it works, the Waterlase razor simultaneously numbs and cuts the tissue. This means there’s no blood, stitches, or pain throughout the entire process. In fact, after treatment, your child can resume their normal activities immediately — even hitting the playground if they want!

Our tongue-tie treatment provides immediate results. However, we might recommend scheduling an appointment with the speech therapist if your child had difficulties before their corrective procedure. If you don’t have a speech therapist already, we can connect you with an expert based on your child’s individual needs.

To learn more about tongue-tie treatments for your infant or child, contact us to schedule an appointment with the latest and most advanced dental technologies in our comfortable environment. Call our Denton office or book an appointment online today. 

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