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Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Denton, TX

Easy, Safe Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are your third set of molars and they usually grow in at any time between 16 to 25-years-old. Due to the way they develop and position themselves, wisdom teeth often don’t have enough room in your mouth, which can lead to oral complications. 

Most wisdom teeth grow in angled or rotated, meaning they aren’t in the right place. This can cause crowding, damage to your other molars, and some discomfort. 

Here at Garden Oaks Family & Cosmetic, we can extract your wisdom teeth before they cause problems in your mouth. With our safe, efficient, and comfortable treatment process, you’ll have your third molars removed in no time.  

Why Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

We recommend wisdom teeth extractions to our patients if we notice they’ve begun to grow in or if we see they’re impacting your other teeth, which can lead to shifting, pain, or infection. 

Your wisdom teeth can cause issues that aren’t noticeable without a dental exam, and it’s difficult to properly clean them which makes the risk of decay or infection higher.  

However, not everyone necessarily needs to have their wisdom teeth extracted. In some cases, a person’s wisdom teeth will properly grow in and won’t affect surrounding teeth. Dr. Moore, our wisdom teeth extraction specialist, will be able to better determine when a patient needs to have theirs removed during their dental exams. 

Here's What to Expect

When you visit Garden Oaks for wisdom teeth extraction, our team will first examine your wisdom teeth. We'll check to see if they're infected, impacted, and how many need extraction. We'll also look at your other teeth to see if any damage occurred from your wisdom teeth. 

During your extraction procedure, Dr. Moore will administer IV sedation to relax you and put you into a low state of consciousness. With IV sedation, you’re able to move and respond to requests such as open and close, turn your head, but you don’t feel the pain of the procedure. In fact, you hardly remember it.  

Once you’re sedated, Dr. Moore will start the extraction process. He’ll work to easily and gently remove small pieces of your wisdom teeth until they’re completely gone. After, Dr. Moore will clean the surgical site to ensure no debris is left behind.  

We’ll place gauze on the area to help stop any bleeding that you can wear throughout the rest of the day. Before you leave, we’ll provide you with post-op care instructions to make sure you recover quickly and with minimal chance of complications. 

Recovery from Your Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Our Garden Oaks dental office provides you with a list of aftercare guidance to ensure a quick, comfortable, and safe recovery. It’s normal to experience bleeding the day after your procedure, but keeping the gauze clean and in place helps avoid blood clots 

For pain management, our doctors may give you a prescription if over-the-counter (OTC) medications don’t help. You’ll also need to closely follow a liquid and soft food diet for the first week of recovery. 

Potential Complications

Most wisdom teeth extractions don’t have complications, but they can occur. 

Dry socket is the most common post-surgery complication and occurs when the blood clot at your surgery site dislodges, resulting in nerve and bone exposure. Dry socket causes sharp pain, so make sure you follow your aftercare instructions carefully. 

Another potential complication that may occur, although it’s rare, is an infection from bacteria or food that gets into your socket. If this happens to your extraction site, please give our Denton office a call right away. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need my wisdom teeth extracted?

Wisdom teeth need to be extracted because most people today don’t have enough room in their mouths to come fully in, so they generally grow in angled or rotated which can affect the rest of your smile 

They often cause crowding of your other teeth or damage and discomfort to your surrounding molars. It’s best to have your wisdom teeth removed if you begin to feel them growing in so you can avoid complications in the future. 

How long does a wisdom tooth extraction take?

Generally, your wisdom tooth extraction procedure will take about 45 minutes to an hour. This may vary for each patient, but this can be determined during your consultation. 

We’ll provide you with IV sedation before your procedure so you won’t feel much pain throughout it. Afterward, you may feel a bit drowsy so we recommend having a friend or family member drive you home. 

How long does it take to recover from a wisdom tooth extraction?

Recovery from your wisdom tooth extraction can take up to two weeks, but oftentimes will only be a week. During this time, you may experience a swollen mouth and cheeks, discomfort, and bleeding. 

Within the first few days of healing, you’ll likely feel more pain, so you can take OTC medications or we will prescribe you with other prescriptions. Swelling can also be reduced by gently pressing a cold cloth to your face. 

What do I do if the site of my extraction is infected?

If your extraction site gets infected, you should give our office a call right away so we can get you in to clean it out. Dr. Moore might also prescribe you with antibiotics to help prevent further infection from occurring. 

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