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Nearly half of all Americans have some form of gum disease, and not putting in the effort to reverse it can cost you your teeth. At Garden Oaks Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Patrick Ruehle, DDS, provides periodontal therapy and other solutions to mild or severe gum disease. At their comfortable office, they welcome patients of all ages from Denton, Corinth, Argyle, Robson Ranch, Bartonville, Lantana, Lake Dallas, Shady Shores, Highland Village, Justin, Ponder, Sanger and Krum, Texas. To find out if you’re at risk of gum disease or already have it, call the Denton, Texas, office today at 940-566-4888.

What is gum disease?

Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is an inflammatory disease that attacks the gum attachment to the tooth and causes loss of the surrounding bone.  

Many times this disease is triggered by the bacteria that accumulate when there is inadequate home care and infrequent professional care. But like all inflammatory diseases, some people are more susceptible, and it can be much more aggressive in some people.  

You are more prone to it if you have other inflammatory diseases, if you smoke or dip, and if you have diabetes. In its early stages, there are few, if any, symptoms you would notice at home, but as it gets worse, your gums are constantly inflamed, irritated, and quick to start bleeding. 

The two forms of gum disease are:


Gingivitis is a manageable form of gum disease. If you have gingivitis, only your gums are affected, and you can reverse it with a thorough professional cleaning and by changing your habits. 

The sooner your dentist diagnoses your gingivitis, the better chance you have at getting healthy gums again. You might notice that your gums bleed easily and feel tender or swollen, and you might experience some bad breath.


Periodontitis is gum disease that has progressed to the point of affecting gum attachment and surrounding bone. You may notice the teeth look longer because the gum tissue has moved down the tooth, or the gums stay constantly swollen, painful and bleed easily.  

If you or a loved one are experiencing any of these problems, call Garden Oaks Family & Cosmetic Dentistry for a full evaluation, to clean these areas, and to suggest the best methods to return your mouth to health.

How did I get gum disease?

Gum disease is most often linked to poor teeth cleaning habits, but other factors can contribute to you getting it. You could be at a higher risk of getting gum disease if you:

  • Smoke
  • Chew tobacco
  • Have a family history of gum disease
  • Are pregnant
  • Have diabetes
  • Have crooked teeth
  • Take certain medications

The underlying cause of diseased gum tissue is the bacteria-ridden plaque that builds up on your teeth. You might be familiar with the white film that your hygienist scrapes off your teeth during a cleaning: Too much of this could mean big problems for your teeth and oral tissues.

What are my treatment options for gum disease?

You’ll thank yourself for seeking gum disease treatment at the first signs of the condition. Mild gum disease can easily be treated by brushing your teeth often and with the right method. 

The team at Garden Oaks Family & Cosmetic Dentistry can give you tips for improving your oral hygiene to alleviate your gingivitis.

If you have periodontitis, your dentist may recommend periodontal therapy. Dr. Ruehle uses lasers to gently and thoroughly remove the infected tissue from your gums and clean and disinfect the root surfaces so the gums can reattach properly. 

One of their excellent hygienists uses ultrasonics and possibly lasers to clean your teeth for better gum reattachment. Over the years, doctors and researchers have tried many things to cure periodontitis with little success, but the lasers have provided the best and greatest amount of reattachment so as to prevent more loss of bone.

To avoid the embarrassment of bad breath or losing your teeth, call Garden Oaks Family & Cosmetic Dentistry for cleanings and laser gum disease treatment.