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Between 4-11% of babies are born with tongue-tie. This issue occurs when a band of tissue connects the tip of the tongue to the floor of their mouth, impacting normal function. Without treatment, tongue-tie can affect your child’s oral health, speech, and nutrition.  

Thankfully, Dr. Ruehle provides a quick and easy solution to release tongue-tie in infants, children, and even adults.

The effects of tongue-tie

Depending on the severity, tongue-tie can be a serious obstacle in your child’s development that needs to be corrected. Without intervention, tongue-tie can cause:

  • Trouble eating
  • Speech impediments
  • Inability to stick your tongue out
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Improper growth and development of the mouth and jaws
  • Late and inadequate cranial nerve development
  • Sleep disorders

New research is showing connections between tongue-tie and enlarged tonsils and adenoids, repetitive ear infections, dental issues (orthodontic problems), neck pain, and headaches. Tongue-tie can also make it hard for you to remove food from your teeth, causing oral hygiene issues over time. Infants with severe cases of tongue-tie can have trouble breastfeeding or using a bottle, which can lead to nutritional problems and inadequate weight gain.

How is tongue-tie resolved?

Correcting you or your child’s case of tongue-tie is quick and pain-free. We start by applying a topical anesthetic to numb the area. Then, Dr. Ruehle will release the tissue attachment that holds your tongue to the floor of your mouth using the Waterlase® laser. The laser cauterizes the tissue as it cuts to avoid bleeding.

There are no shots and no stitches. You or your child can go right back to play, school, or work immediately. The Waterlase laser is an award-winning dental system that relies on laser energy and water. This method enables us to perform a wide range of dental treatments without the need for shots or drills, which provides a more gentle experience and comfortable healing.

Should I seek treatment for tongue-tie?

We recommend that you book a visit at Garden Oaks Family & Cosmetic Dentistry if you or your child:

  • Is referred by a speech pathologist
  • Is having a hard time making certain sounds or verbalizing specific letters
  • Has a hard time eating some foods or choking because they have a hard time swallowing
  • Complains about tongue-tie symptoms
  • Has trouble sucking or breastfeeding

We Can Solve Tongue-tie

To learn more about tongue-tie treatments for your infant or child, contact us to schedule an appointment. We’ll perform your treatment with the latest and most advanced dental technologies right from our comfortable and clean dental office. Call our Denton office at (940) 566-4888 or conveniently fill out the contact form.