Enhance Your Dental Visit With Waterlase® Lasers

Waterlase® Lasers: The Future of Dentistry

Does fear of pain and discomfort make you or someone you know reluctant to receive dental care? Advancements in dental technology have made Waterlase laser dentistry by Biolase a game-changer for dental treatments. If you're someone who dreads going to the dentist, you'll be happy to know that Waterlase can make treatments easier and more comfortable compared to traditional metal tools. Explore the benefits of laser dentistry and why Denton laser dentists like Dr. Patrick Ruehle are using Waterlase for their own treatments.

Dental Anxiety? Let Waterlase® Ease Your Worries!

What are some of your fears about visiting the dentist? Chances are dental tools used during  certain procedures make you anxious or even scared. With Waterlase, you won’t have to worry about the discomfort or stress that comes with metal instruments.

Waterlase combines water and laser energy to create a precise and gentle cutting tool. The laser's energy seals nerve endings and blood vessels, reducing the need for local anesthesia during and after your procedure. This nearly painless method can be used in a wide range of procedures including fillings, root canals, and gum surgeries, while also reducing the already low risk of dental complications.

Waterlase® vs. Normal Dental Tools

You might not think of dentistry when you hear the word “laser” at first. However, laser technology is slowly becoming a popular alternative to the usual tools you’d find at a dentist's office. That’s because lasers are gentle and almost completely pain-free, making patients feel at ease during their appointment so that their smile can receive the care it needs.

Waterlase laser dentistry improves the overall quality of treatments. For example, lasers can help preserve more of your natural tooth during a filling or root canal, reducing the need for any additional more invasive procedures. Waterlase also allows you to experience a faster recovery time due to less trauma and bleeding. Some patients even experience a full recovery just days after treatment.

Want a Pleasant Dental Experience? Try Waterlase®!

If you're someone who experiences dental anxiety or discomfort during treatment, then Waterlase laser dentistry by Biolase may be the solution you've been looking for. Its minimally invasive, usually painless, and precise nature can make your next dental treatments much more comfortable. So, the next time you're considering a dental procedure, see how Dr. Patrick Ruehle can enhance your treatment with Waterlase laser dentistry.